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Rain and Dancing with the Stars

I used to roll my eyes when people in the check-out line at the grocery would make small talk and say “oh my, it’s hot” and “oh my, we need some rain.” As a city-slicker, I’d think to myself, this … Continue reading

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See the newest and littlest additions to our farm. They are 6-weeks old. Meet Bella (the white one), Grayson (the gray one), and the little black one, who has yet to be named. Any ideas? She’s a girl.

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A simple swing

My vision of a perfect farm has always included a swing. A porch swing, a tree swing, or both  – I don’t think that any farm is complete without a swing. You need a place where you can take a … Continue reading

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Poached Eggs

I learned to poach an egg today. This is big, HUGE for me. I spent at least an hour online this morning (it would have taken me 20 minutes to do this research online in the city, however, internet is … Continue reading

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