Rain and Dancing with the Stars

I used to roll my eyes when people in the check-out line at the grocery would make small talk and say “oh my, it’s hot” and “oh my, we need some rain.” As a city-slicker, I’d think to myself, this has been great, I haven’t had to actually open (god-forbid!) my cute little Vera Bradley umbrella and then proceed to water-log – and ruin- my new patent leather Stuart Weitzman pumps running from meeting to meeting splashing through puddles.

However, now I am one of those…I want rain! We need rain! Please clouds, open up and bring me some rain. How I beg now for the downpours that last Spring used to set the tornado drills off. How I watch on television the weathermen (and weatherwomen)  tell me that we have achieved day after day records of 96, 97, 98 degree plus temps for these final dog days of summer . Really – now, what I wouldn’t give for a cold front….with perhaps a band of precipitation.

Ahhh….’a band of precipitation.’ I have never loved that phrase more.

What would I really give….well, OK, I would sacrifice a pair of Stewie’s…. I’ll ‘suffer’ and wear my cute $20 rain boots from Target. (I know – it would be better to wear the heavy duty all-weather, water-resistant boots from Cabella’s, so says Linus, BUT – they only come in one color AND they don’t have cute little rubber duckies or daisy prints on them:)

If it means, though, that I have to ruin my Stewies so that my acres and acres of soybeans will not dry up (which to me, is worth thousands and thousands of dollars NOW!) then fine. OK. Done. It is funny how the simplest of desires can put life into greater perspective.

So, here I sit, tempted to go outside and do some sort of ancient rain dance. (Yes I’m googling rain dances now…and, yes, I will make a fool of myself doing this.)

But, who needs Dancing with the Stars? I say, just Dance Under the Stars!

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