A simple swing

My vision of a perfect farm has always included a swing. A porch swing, a tree swing, or both  – I don’t think that any farm is complete without a swing. You need a place where you can take a break for a mere ten minutes and just enjoy the beauty and the sounds of the world around you. It’s peaceful, relaxing and just plain simple.

Thus, I set out to ‘build’ a swing last weekend. (Do you build a swing? Or maybe ‘craft’ a swing, ‘hang’a swing…just asking)

So, we found some rope and a piece of good wood from the old barn (had to cut the wood down to size). We climbed up the tree, tied a good ‘boy-scout’ type knot and hung the piece of wood that we had drilled two holes in.

It’s simple, but quite possibly one of the most important symbols of what a farm should be. A place that yes, requires, hard work and constant toiling, but also a place where the fruits of one’s labor are rewarded a thousand times over each and every day.

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