Meet June

Let me introduce you to our neighbor and best friend, June. He is a gun-toten’, scallywaggin’, bushhoggin’ true Kentucky son.

Linus and I met June only a few days after we moved to the farm last year. He came roaming over onto our property, hollerin’ literally, “Come on out!.” Needless to say, when I first opened the door and saw June on the front porch, rifle in hand, overgrown facial hair and extra-weathered jeans, tennis shoes and flannel shirt, I was more than freaked out. I pretty much saw my life pass before my eyes. I thought, OK, god, you are right, buying a farm was not my brightest idea.

However, upon June’s arrival, he said “sit down girl. What’s your name?” “I said “Sarah” and he said “OK, Sally, well welcome to the farm.”

And that was the start of a great friendship between June, Linus and I that continues a year later. Since then, June has become our greatest friend and neighbor at the farm. And, honestly, he is one of the most interesting people that I have ever met in my life. Linus sees June a couple times a week – they are buddies and perhaps best friends! They sit and BS on the porch about world events, the weather, shooting coyotes, history in our little Kentucky holler, and lots more things that I don’t even begin to understand – or sometimes have an interest in. But they love it.

I don’t see June as often as Linus because I am not at the farm as often, but when I do, I always learn much about humanity and the true goodness of people. The great thing is that we look out for June and June looks out for us. Isn’t that all you can ask for in life?

When our grass around the house was getting way too long last summer, June said, “You can’t cut that with that cheap riding mower.” And I said, “oh yes, we can June.” Well, the next morning, I awoke at 7am to the sound of June’s crickety old tractor riding around our our property – bush-hogging our 3 ft. grass.

Likewise, we look out for June. June does not like to use the cooling or heating system in his lil house. He says it’s too darn expensive! However, on some of the hottest nights last summer, June told us that instead of turning his air conditioning on, he would just sleep outside on his porch. Yikes! Needless to say, this concerned us when we hadn’t seen him for about a week. So, Linus went over and checked on him and sure enough, June was fine, of course! He had just been a bit under the weather so hadn’t been out for a while.

All in all, June has become our great buddy at the farm. I don’t think that June has ever traveled out of the state of Kentucky, however, us city-slickers and world travelers have no doubt learned more from June than he has learned from us. Funny how life works that way.

So…I will leave this post with a picture of June. This picture will make you look twice. First – you’ll see the weathered-look of June. This is a man who has worked a farm with his bare hands for his whole life – and he just doesn’t care that he hasn’t shaved in 5 years. Second – you may wonder about the stuffed animals attached to June’s barn. Well, this is June’s source of pride and joy. He doesn’t have any kids, but he collects stuffed animals from flea markets and garage sales and ‘mounts’ them to his barn. We don’t ask questions – we just like June for who he is and wouldn’t change a thing!

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One Response to Meet June

  1. Maria says:

    This is an awesome picture. Really.

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