Calculating Our Carbon Footprint

I heard about an interesting measurement tool today that calculates your carbon footprint on the environment. It is through the Nature Conservancy. Of course, with the farm and all, I feel like we have a very small carbon footprint – I mean, Linus has replaced all of our lightbulbs with the super-efficient kind. We compost EVERYthing at the farm, AND we always keep our air and heat down very, very low. (sometimes to the point of freezing our butts off this winter!)

And just today, we had Kentucky Utilities come out and do an energy audit for us (this was only a mere $25 through the electric company and totally worth it. I would recommend this to anyone – it is offered by KU and LG&E in Kentucky).  Linus and I learned a LOT – such as, we had a HUGE hole in our air conditioning duct in the attic. We had no idea we were losing so much heat/air every single day! Our auditor suggested a little metal tape to fix the duct – that said, we took care of this immediately today!

After all of this, I was still a bit concerned after I took the carbon footprint test because my number was more than double the national average. I went back and studied the details and realized that the main reason my personal carbon footprint number is so high is because I travel so much. (This is unfortunately something that I can’t change right now b/c often my job depends on it.)

That being said, taking the carbon footprint test did make me aware of some additional things that Linus and I can do at the farm to save energy, For example, checking the tire pressure on the tires of my car more regularly (since I drive back and forth to the farm regularly) and changing the air filter at our house more often.

All the little things add up – it’s amazing.

Check out what number your carbon footprint is by taking the test at…

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