Preparing the Garden

Here’s our garden – we have a LOT of work to do! We are planting an approx. 1,200 sq ft. garden and it is a lot of work. Linus has convinced me to do an organic garden. So, here we go!

Over the weekend, we had our neighbor, June, tear up the ground with his tractor. Now we are in the process of getting the grass up and out of the garden. We are doing this by hand and it is backbreaking! I woke up this Monday morning needing lots of ibuprofen.

I tested the soil this weekend also with a little $4.99 soil testing kit. I am not 100% positive on what all of the results mean, but apparently our soil is high alkaline. So, I need to make it more acidic – and I need to do this organically! Tomorrow, I am heading to a local organic gardening store to get some advice – soil samples in hand, of course.

As far as veggies, we have started some early ones (yes, from organic seeds -no Monsanto here!) in peet pellets inside. The broccoli is kicking butt, however the cauliflower and okra are taking their time. Linus encourages the little guys with supportive words such as “come on little sprouts, spread the love.”


I found this interesting article on when we can finally move the little sprouts to the garden. I have been a little hesitant because the weather has been less than predictable recently. But it looks like we can do it soon. More veggies to come – we are just going to try a bunch of different things this summer to see what works the best. It will be an adventure!

Here’s the resource:

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