My Wish ‘A Big Green Tractor’

Some girls wish for diamonds. Others for fancy cars. All I desire right now is a tractor. Is that too much to ask?

Why… because we have 1,500 square feet of grass and are trying to start this garden. And it is kicking our butts!

However, we plow ahead. (No pun intended.) Because this is a new garden, we are having to tear up all of this grass. It’s not easy and we are doing it by hand. As Linus says, “we need machinery.” I have wanted a tractor since owning the farm, but I didn’t really see the need for it. So, I held off. Well, now…….I SEE the NEED for a TRACTOR!

Yes, I am in love with a man. And his name is John Deere.

Or, I’ll take this cute one…a little pink Farmall.

Alas, this weekend, we hope to FINALLY get the seedlings into the ground – by hand, without the coveted big green machine. We have to till the soil first, which we will do when I am at the farm mid-week. We are adding soil mineralizer and an organic fertilizer to the soil. When I took my soil sample to the guy at the organic farming store, he told me that Kentucky soil tends to be very clay-like. Thus, the soil additions.

Anyhow, beyond the gardening wishes and tractor dreams, the last two or three weekends at the farm have been absolutely beautiful. The weather has been close to perfect! Hopefully, the great Kentucky Spring will lead to an amazing – and fruitful – summer! Here are our next-door neighbors enjoying the weather.

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