Metaphorically, Sunny Sally’s Farm Blog is about a girl, searching for a piece of land, to love, nourish and cherish. In return, Sally is learning that the land, as it has for thousands of years, gives back in ways that are beyond what she could ever imagine.

Literally, Sunny Sally’s Farm Blog is about a 34-year old young woman who is learning to find true meaning in her life. During the week, Sally runs her own hectic business in a  mid-size, mid-western city. But on the weekends, Sally enjoys nothing more than learning about the growing cycle of soybeans, riding a tractor, learning to cook with fresh eggs, and enjoying the simplicity of farm living.

At the farm, Sally lives with her brother Linus, who, during the day, runs an internet business. Like Sally, Linus has always loved the farming lifestyle. Both grew up in the city, but many of their favorite memories have to do with visiting their relatives on a farm in rural Virginia. Now, both Sally and Linus are learning the tips and techniques of how to survive in the country. That’s what this blog is about – Sally and Linus’ discoveries, adventures, and ultimate appreciation of land, labor, love and life.