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Rain, Rain Go Away!

We had a lot, lot, LOT of gardening to do last weekend due to the fact that it has been raining every day for almost two months, and the ground has just been too muddy to plant. This is what … Continue reading

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My Wish ‘A Big Green Tractor’

Some girls wish for diamonds. Others for fancy cars. All I desire right now is a tractor. Is that too much to ask? Why… because we have 1,500 square feet of grass and are trying to start this garden. And … Continue reading

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Preparing the Garden

Here’s our garden – we have a LOT of work to do! We are planting an approx. 1,200 sq ft. garden and it is a lot of work. Linus has convinced me to do an organic garden. So, here we … Continue reading

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Abraham Lincoln’s Failure List

I love learning about Abraham Lincoln. Most people don’t realize that Abe had a lot of setbacks in his life. From my readings about him, I think that he was very hard on himself. And although he is (now) one … Continue reading

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Calculating Our Carbon Footprint

I heard about an interesting measurement tool today that calculates your carbon footprint on the environment. It is through the Nature Conservancy. Of course, with the farm and all, I feel like we have a very small carbon footprint – … Continue reading

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Making – and Breaking – Bread

Today was bread-making day! I know it sounds funny, but I have never made homemade bread. (Considering the fact that I just started cooking only 1 year ago, I guess this is not so strange.) I love the rosemary bread … Continue reading

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Meet June

Let me introduce you to our neighbor and best friend, June. He is a gun-toten’, scallywaggin’, bushhoggin’ true Kentucky son. Linus and I met June only a few days after we moved to the farm last year. He came roaming … Continue reading

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